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Brett & Lena,
We want to say thank you for introducing us to the best cookware we've ever owned!


"A Healthier Lifestyle Happens By Choice, Not By Chance!"

Year after year our live presentations combined with a quality brand of American made cookware provides thousands of people throughout the United States healthier options when it comes to cooking.  

Congratulations to you too for realizing that you cannot put a price tag on something that is “price-less,” your health & quality! The choice you have made to provide yourself & your family with Lustre Craft cookware will reward you with a lifetime of endless benefits! 

We are 100% committed to providing all of our customers with:

  • Exceptional Customer Service. Giving you more than what you expect, giving you what you deserve!
  • Practical & healthy cooking solutions. Making certain you are enjoying all the benefits of your new Lustre Craft cookware. Including helpful money saving energy tips.
  • Preventative measures to take for the fight against cardiovascular disease. The most common disease in America today among men and women.
  • Social Media. The convenience of being able to communicate with us 24/7. Whether a simple cookware question or a special recipe request know that we are always available for you.

Helping People Live Healthier Lives!

-Brett & Lena Coleman-

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