Cooking With Brett and Lena Coleman


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Here is a tip to help with cleaning your cookware. You already know it is safe to use any stainless steel cleanser to clean your cookware, but it is also safe to use the green (or blue) scrubby side of your sponge on the inside and bottom of your cookware. If you ever get anything on the outside of you cookware that isn't easy to come off do not fret...sprinkle some cleanser on your yellow or soft side of your wet sponge and clean that way. This will keep your cookware looking new and beautiful forever! 
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Happy New Year! We hope that you enjoyed your holiday season and spent some quality time with your loved ones. We enjoyed some time off to visit our families in Michigan, Colorado and a few more along the way. We got back home just in time to have a nice quiet Christmas with friends before we started back out on the road. We hope that your 2013 is filled with health, joy and prosperity. We look forward to seeing you all out there on the road!
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